Dr. Darmono Taniwiryono

Who We Are

Our main product is Virgin Red Palm Oil (VRPO) with high nutrition contents, including betacaroten (pro-Vitamin A), Vitamin E (in the form of tocotrienol and tocopherol), lycopene, squalene, Co-Q10, Omega 9, Omega 6, and little Omega 3.

We also develop its derivative products, such as skin burn cream, anti aging, and food supplements in the form soft gels and sachets.

Beside that with our tagline WE NOURISH THE LIFE, we intend to promote the optimum use of the nutrient richness of VRPO to Indonesian peoples and the world communities.

VRPO is produced through hygienic and cold process. No one should in worry in regard with food safety of it as it has been proven by the West African peoples since 5000 years ago.

Our Field of Works

In our factory, VRPO is produced using a new technogy developed by ourselve ━we named it as dry process technology. In fact, we are the pioneer of dry process engineering in palm oil production in the world. Implementation of our dry process technology would be able to revolutionise the existing old technology in palm oil mills.
It involves hygienic and cold process.

We found that VRPO is also a very good nutrition source for cattle, chicken, bird, fish, cat and dog. Topical application on cats shows healing properties for scratches, itches, scabies and mites.

Strong antioxidant properties of Vitamin A and Vitamin E in VRPO could could prevent
body exposure to free radicals. The presence of free radicals could cause several body illness and fertility.

Virgin Red Palm Oil
Palm Oil

Our Commitment

Our company is also involved in the development of crop nutrition and its application, using modern technologies to provide solutions for farmers with high efficiency and precision.

PT Nutri Palma Nabati is affiliated with Indonesian Association of Vegetable Oil Industry (Gabungan Industri Minyak Nabati Indonesia, abbrevuated as GIMNI).